Recital Awards

Recital Awards

For some students, the experience of giving a public recital is of enormous benefit. Students on the Summer School are eligible to receive one or more recital awards, based on their performance at the course and whether or not the tutors feel a recital would be a positive experience for them. We provide guidance on programme planning and how to liaise with the venue/s. If the student is under 18, recital awards can only be taken up upon receipt of permission from the student's principle organ teacher and parents.

Venues who offered recital awards to OfO students in 2016 are: 

Bristol Cathedral

Chester Cathedral

St Michael, Cornhill

Emma College, Cambridge

Exeter Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral

Queens College, Oxford

Southwark Cathedral

St Edmundsbury Cathedral

St George’s Windsor

St Lawrence Jewry

St Mary Newark

St Peter’s Bournemouth

St Lawrence Upminster

Tewkesbury Abbey

Turo Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral